Care and Logistics

A trip abroad should be easy and stress free. We help you meet that goal by managing all the details so that you are free to teach and your students are free to learn.
From start to finish we take care of everything: From airports, to your accomodations, to the orientation.

We provide the tickets for everything you may need: the bus, the train, the tour, the museums and make all the reservations for you.
We can give you an Italian cell phone to keep in touch. The phone number will be provided before departure so your family will be able to contact you as soon as you arrive in Italy.

Programs are structured for one accompanying faculty member: if groups exceed 20 participants, an additional faculty member or accompanying person may participate in land services at no additional charge.

Need some extra expertise?
We can provide an Italian professor, or a tourist guide, to accompany you on your visits.
Should you need a T.A. we can accommodate you with one that speaks English and Italian fluently and is a native of the city.
We can rent rooms for conferences, parties, class sessions, or any needs.
Safety first!
Your Italian representative will be available 24/7 for any potential emergencies.
We can direct you to English speaking physicians, psychologists, and when necessary we can accompany you to the hospital.
A dedicated safety orientation with the Italian Police is available upon request.